My Hero Academia: Could Dabi Redeem Himself?

It is not often that the My Hero Academia fandom gets on the same page, but the group has come together in the wake of a major revelation. Dabi shook the fandom when he announced his identity to the world, and fans are still coping with the announcement. And after taking some time to process, some fans are wondering if Dabi could be redeemed at this point.

To be honest, the case against him is pretty bad. My Hero Academia is no stranger to a redemption arc as it is still putting Bakugo and Endeavor through their own. The two heroes have done things that are hard to forgive. However, they have made strides forward despite their pasts, but Dabi has shown no such conviction.


In Dabi's daring speech, the baddie reveals his real name is Toya Todoroki, and he goes on to dismantle society's blind faith in Pro Heroes with ease. He not only tells the world he has gladly killed 30 innocent people but that he intended to kill his younger brother Shoto. His reason for turning to the dark side is pinned on Endeavor, and fans were left horrified by the secret past of their number one hero.

Still, they are fans who would like to see Dabi redeemed. It would be the hardest turnaround for My Hero Academia to make yet, but there are a few ways the series could pull it off. The question remains whether the manga would want to redeem Dabi, and if that is the case, then the villain has to undergo some harsh realizations.

No matter what happens, the Todoroki clan would have to take part in the redemption arc, and Endeavor would be a focus. Izuku can help spur the process along, but Dabi's redemption arc will only feel authentic if it gives the family closure on all sides. Of course, this is hard to imagine happening, but Natsu and Rei might be able to break through to Dabi with enough effort.

The hard truth of the matter is that Dabi's redemption is foreshadowed by death. Dabi's adult life has been littered with loss, and he has taken plenty of lives in pursuit of Endeavor's ruin. My Hero Academia's creator is a huge fan of Star Wars, and well - we know how those franchises have treated redemption. From Darth Vader to Kylo Ren, these villains do the right thing by the end of their stories, but their final acts are often done right before their deaths.

It is hard to imagine how this redemption arc may go, but there are plenty of fans who are desperate for Dabi to get a happy ending. His childhood had a huge hand in pushing Dabi towards villainy, but there are other fans who believe his trauma is nothing but an excuse. And to the hundreds he has hurt or helped kill, they would love nothing more than for Dabi to burn to ash.


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