My Hero Academia Art Imagines Izuku's React to THAT Major Death

My Hero Academia knows how to put fans on edge, and the series proved that in spades this month. Kohei Horikoshi is enjoying a break this week after his manga dropped one of its most intense cliffhangers to date days ago. Fans of the series are still in shock over the whole thing, and now, one piece of art is tugging on our hearts all thanks to Izuku and his childhood friend.

As you can see below, the artwork comes courtesy of Athena-av Art. The gifted artist took to social media to share a peek at how Izuku might be doing in the fallout of a certain My Hero Academia death. After all, it isn't every day you lose a friend, and Izuku has made it clear he cannot imagine living in a world where Bakugo Katsuki does not.

The heartbreaking art imagines a world where Izuku makes it to the battlefield he was meant to fight Shigaraki before he was sidetracked by Toga. Izuku has been rushing towards Bakugo for a while now as the explosive hero did his best to keep things under control at U.A. High School. But after Shigaraki stopped holding back, the latest My Hero Academia chapter ended with Bakugo apparently sacrificing his life to hold the line.

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This art imagines how Izuku would react to such a scene if he stumbled upon the battlefield a beat too late. The ninth One For All user is pictured holding Bakugo's treasured All Might collector's card – the same one Izuku himself pulled as a child. The piece is covered in blood as My Hero Academia showed over a week ago. And as you might have guessed, Izuku loses all control of his emotions at the sight.

At this point, fans are not sure if Bakugo is actually dead or not. It is hard to imagine a timeline where My Hero Academia kills off its second lead. For now, fans will have to wait and see how Horikoshi handles this delicate cliffhanger. And if he does kill Bakugo for good, well – there is no telling how the fandom will fair. 

How do you think My Hero Academia is about to handle Bakugo's cliffhanger? Do you believe the character will make it out of this act alive? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.