My Hero Academia Reveals All For One's Plans for Shigaraki After the War

The War Arc has come to a close in the pages of My Hero Academia's manga, finally bringing an end [...]

The War Arc has come to a close in the pages of My Hero Academia's manga, finally bringing an end to the insane battle between the heroes of UA Academy and the villains of the Paranormal Liberation Front, and it seems as if One For All has some terrifying plans in mind when it comes to his official heir, Shigaraki! The battle between Deku and Shigaraki was easily one of the biggest of Kohei Horikoshi's superhero franchise to date, and it's clear that the Shonen series has much more in store for the inheritor of the Quirk of All For One!

Warning! If you have yet to read the latest manga chapter for My Hero Academia, Chapter 297, you might want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll be diving into some serious spoiler territory!

With Shigaraki escaping the heroes by the skin of his teeth, the League of Villains has been defeated, but they have left their mark not only on the battlefield but also on the society that is protected by the heroes themselves. With the public's faith in the heroes being all but shattered, it seems as if both the students of Class 1-A and the professional crime fighters like Endeavor and Hawks are going to have quite a lot of work to do to help get things "back to normal".

My Hero Academia All For One
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During the War Arc, it was revealed that the original All For One still had a firm grasp on the mind of his heir Shigaraki, noting that the more that the young villain falls into hatred and his desire to eliminate the heroes, the more All For One takes hold of his body. The final page of the latest chapter of My Hero Academia reveals that All For One has seemingly completely overtaken Shigaraki's body and is hoping that the villains and the High-End Nomu will initiate a jailbreak that will free his real body from its prison.

My Hero Academia's fifth season is set to land on the small screen in the spring of this year, which will give us a much closer look at Shigaraki and the origin that led him to become one of the biggest villains of the series to date!

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