My Hero Academia Shares Shigaraki's Feelings About Nana

The last week has been a busy one for My Hero Academia, and things are only heating up even more so thanks to a new update. The manga put out a new chapter this weekend that checked in on Izuku after his tense showdown with Shigaraki. Now, focus has been put on the latter as Nana Shimura has finally shown up before Shigaraki, and the boy got a chance to tell his grandma how he really feels about her.

The long-awaited moment came in chapter 287 as it followed on the heels of last week's banger. Fans watched as Nana and All For One met again long after the former's death. The villain was plenty happy to greet Nana and introduce her to her long-lost grandson.

"Wow! A dead person! Who happens to be your grandmother! The pathetic, incompetent Nana Shimura stands before us," All For One told Shigaraki as the boy fought to regain control of himself.

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It took a moment for Shigaraki to regain his bearing after the reveal, and his hatred was quick to follow. Fans know how the baddie feels about his family and what became of them all. His father's abusive and dismissive behavior pushed Shigaraki down a dark path that cemented following his quirk's arrival. It was Shigaraki who accidentally (and intentionally) killed his immediate family, and the boy still puts blame on his grandmother for his loss.

"No matter how we got here, grandma. You can rest assured that I also hate you with all my heart," Shigaraki tells Nana.


Unlike All Might, Nana did not fall apart at the revelation. It is likely the heroine already knew about Shigaraki through Izuku, and she seems more resigned about his fate than anything else. Now, fans are curious to see whether the two will ever level with one another. But for right now, it seems Nana has bigger things to focus on than redeeming her wayward grandson.

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