My Hero Academia Reveals the Weakness of Shigaraki's New Form

My Hero Academia has worked on Izuku constantly since the boy received One For All. After months of training, the boy seems to have a better handle on his newfound Quirk, but the power is still too much for his body to handle. This is obviously an issue for the budding hero, but he is not the only person struggling with this issue.

No, it turns out Shigaraki is in the same boat. The baddie stunned everyone when he inherited All For One in the manga's recent arc. It allowed the boy to go on an all-out rampage that killed hundreds, but it seems Shigaraki didn't spend enough time honing his body for his master's Quirk to properly handle it.

This weakness was made obvious in chapter 283 of My Hero Academia. Fans watched as Shigaraki got back to work defeating the heroes, and he took out Aizawa not long after he dealt Gran Torino a lethal blow. As you can imagine, Izuku was unsure if his nemesis could even be beaten, but Shigaraki showed his cards when his body began tearing apart on its own.

My Hero Academia Manga 282 Shigaraki Final Battle

Everyone was surprised when Shigaraki's arm and torso spontaneously shed some skin. Parts of his body burst like a big blood blister, and Izuku was the first to figure out what was happening. After all, he knows how hard it is to inherit a Quirk.

"That power is too much for his body to keep up with," Izuku realizes as he moves towards Shigaraki.


In his haste to kill everyone, Shigaraki failed to acknowledge his own limits. He lacks the conditioning Izuku has when it comes to enduring an inherited Quirk. Shigaraki is paying the price for it now, and fans are thinking Izuku can use this weakness to keep anyone else from dying.

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