My Hero Academia Sets Up Chapter 322 with Telling Title

My Hero Academia might be the story of Deku struggling to master the Quirk known as One For All but fans have proved time and time again that their favorite hero is the hot-headed young crime fighter Bakugo, who has remained one of Midoriya's top rivals. With the ability to exude explosions from his limbs, Bakugo has earned his place as one of the most powerful students at UA Academy and it seems as if the next chapter of My Hero Academia's manga is set to focus on the crime fighter who has become one of the most popular Shonen heroes around.

Currently, the manga is telling the story of hero society that is breaking apart at the seams following the conclusion of the War Arc, which will most likely take place in the sixth season of My Hero Academia's anime, with Deku having come a long way in mastering his Quirk known as One For All. With the latest chapters seeing Class 1-A attempting to put a stop to Midoriya's self-destructive campaign, Bakugo has yet to raise a hand against the Shonen protagonist but it seems as if the title of the upcoming manga chapter, Chapter 322, is hinting that the explosive hero's time has come.

My Hero Academia Bakugo
(Photo: Studio Bones)

Chapter 322 of the Shonen manga is titled "Great Explosion God DynaMight," which is clearly a play on Bakugo's hero name which is just as ridiculous in Great Explosion Murder God Dynamite, as revealed hilariously in the manga itself during the final moments of the War Arc.

Bakugo and Deku's relationship has changed astronomically since the early days of My Hero Academia, with the pair of young heroes managing to hold a respectful rivalry with one another in recent days. With the second movie even giving Bakugo the opportunity to wield the power of One For All for a short period of time, it's clear that the hot head has come to understand his rival over the course of the Shonen series.

In the fifth season of the anime, Bakugo is currently learning alongside his friends Deku and Shoto Todoroki under the number one hero's agency as a part of the Endeavor Agency Arc, but a terrifying new saga is getting ready to begin in the My Villain Academia Arc.


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