New My Hero Academia Artwork Turns Bakugo Into a Prize Fighter

My Hero Academia fans have come to expect a lot from its heroes, and the leads in Class 1-A aren't any different. From Izuku to Todoroki, netizens have latched on tight to their favorite heroes, so you can imagine the kind of fanfare that Bakugo drives forward. And thanks to a new piece of artwork, fans can imagine how Bakugo might look if he turned his fits of anger into a boxing career.

The whole thing began when a sketch was posted online by Yoshihiko Umakoshi. The artist acts as the chief animation director on My Hero Academia, so Umakoshi has surprisingly sway in the fandom. That is why his latest drawing of Bakugo made waves as it shows the hero-in-training out of costume and in the ring.

The artwork, which was also shared by creator Kohei Horikoshi, shows Bakugo sitting on his side of the ring with a sour expression. The hero is wearing a loose pair of athletic shorts while his torso is bare. With his grenade gauntlets locked on his wrists, Bakugo is the picture of aggression, so you have to pity his poor opponent here.

In the background, Bakugo is flanked by his coaches. Todoroki is to the left while Izuku cheers on from the right. The pair appear to be talking strategy with Bakugo before the prize fighter gets up for the next round. And if fans know anything, it is that Bakugo's opponent is about to get laid out flat.


As you can imagine, fans of Bakugo are living for this AU take on the hero, and it is easy to see why. My Hero Academia has the sort of well-rounded characters you would follow into any story. Whether a hero or a boxer, Bakugo is Bakugo to the core, so maybe we will see this verse play out in an ending theme down the line...?

What do you think of this My Hero Academia artwork? Does Bakugo suit the ring or...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.