My Hero Academia Revisits Shigaraki's Family in Disturbing Sequence

The Paranormal Liberation War is heating up in My Hero Academia and in doing so, is giving us an in-depth look at the psyche of the man who may turn the tide in the villains' direction with the heir apparent to All For One in Shigaraki! The villain who has been troubling the world since the start of the franchise had a Quirk that allowed him to decay and disintegrate anything he touched, and the mad scientist Dr. Garaki has seemingly made it so that his power will be peanuts in comparison to what appears to be coming next!

Warning! If you haven't read Chapter 270 of My Hero Academia's manga, you may want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll be diving into spoiler territory for the Paranormal Liberation War!

Shigaraki's origin was revealed in previous chapters of My Hero Academia's manga, showing how the grandson of a once great hero let an abusive father and an uncontrollable Quirk set him onto a path of madness and villainy. As his power over decay inadvertently, and graphically, murdered his family, Shigaraki gained control long enough to murder his own father who had abused him time and time again. It was following this that All For One begun his plan of molding the young Quirk wielder into becoming his heir.

As Dr. Garaki explains in this latest chapter, Shigaraki isn't only becoming the heir to All For One in name and status, but has also been given the Quirk of All For One, granting him a number of different powers that will make him a powerhouse if you factor in his original mastery over decay. Through his acceptance of these powers, and his resurrection following the process of receiving the all powerful Quirk, Shigaraki came into contact with memories of his family, as they attempted to stop him from taking on his role as the new "lord of evil".


Of course, his family isn't enough to stop him from ascending to this new plateau and Shigaraki bursts back to life, seemingly now having control of the powers that made All For One such a threat to the world. With Shigaraki's resurrection now complete, All For One has achieved his perfect revenge in turning the grandson of All Might's mentor into a villain!

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