My Hero Academia Reveals Dabi's Surprising Hero Connection

My Hero Academia fans are willing to do just about anything if it means learning more about Dabi. The villain may not seem like a big deal to anime fans, but manga readers are all but obsessed with the villain. Thanks to his recurring run-ins with the Todoroki clan, fans continue to gossip over his possible ties to Endeavor, so you can see why readers were stunned when Dabi hinted at his connection to the one and only Hawks.

Recently, My Hero Academia put out a new chapter, and it was there fans got a little surprise from Dabi. The fiery villain stepped in to fight Hawks after the hero turned on Twice in the midst of am ambush. As heroes continue to fight against the new League of Villains, Hawks did his best to take out his biggest threat in Twice, but Dabi put in a big wrench in things.

Right when it looked like Hawks was going to win, Dabi threw the hero out of whack with two simple words. All the baddie had to say was Keigo Takami to keep Hawks quiet, and the sound of his birth name made Hawks stop in his tracks.

"How'd you know my name? Who are you," Hawks can be seen asking himself.

Sadly, there is no direct answer given to the topic, but fans are thinking Dabi and Hawks might have known one another back in the day. They are roughly the same age should the math work out, and Dabi would have known plenty up-and-coming heroes if he is actually a member of the Todoroki clan. This means Dabi and Hawks may go way back, so fans will not want to miss the end of this rather intense clash. A reveal could come forward about Dabi's actual origins or his real name at the very least should Hawks know it. And if fans are really lucky, they will get all those juicy details and then some as this fight plays out.


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