My Hero Academia Backs up the Villains with New Nomu

My Hero Academia has been on the hero's side since day one, but the villains have come a long way since their debut. Shigaraki and his crew are impossibly powerful these days, and the manga's raid arc has only proved as much. Just when the heroes get a leg up on the competition, things have taken a turn in favor of the villains once more. And this time, well - the save came in the form of new Nomu.

If you are caught up with the manga right now, then you know My Hero Academia is on a warpath. The raid against the villains has not gone well as hundreds if not thousands have died. Plenty of heroes are amongst those who passed, but things started looking up when Best Jeanist appeared. His arrival gave hope to man, but it did not take long for some Nomu to change that.

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 292 shows a set of Nomu fighting with heroes on the outskirts of the raid perimeter. Endeavor's sidekick Burnin is amongst those heroes, and it seems a good number of fighters have been KO'd by the Nomu. There appear to be a total of 4-5 Nomu on the field, and each of them looks absolutely horrifying.

In fact, it seems one such Nomu has eel-like limbs that have a Brin all their own. At one point, Burnin is seen running from the Nomu as he tries to reach her with its sharp teeth. After all, the appendages are armed with a mouth similar to that of Ridley Scott's infamous alien, so you can see why these reinforcements are nasty to say the least.


Luckily, it seems the Nomu take a solid hit when Mirio shows up in My Hero Academia's most recent cliffhanger. His power gives him the ability to disorient the gang as the Nomu make a beeline to protect Shigaraki. And if there are more on the way - well, the heroes are going to have quite the fight on they hands.

Do you expect the Nomu to go underground after this arc? Or are they just getting started? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.