My Hero Academia Introduces Ashido's Insane New Power

My Hero Academia's new "Paranormal Liberation War" arc has not only brought the pro hero world into an all-out conflict with the villains - it's also forced the kids of Class 1-A to step up in some major ways, in order to face threats that are well beyond their young years. The kids of Class 1-A are currently facing the worst threats the League of Villains has on the battlefield, with few heroes still standing tp back them up. For Mina Ashido, a mission to stop the League of Villains hulking monster Gigantomachia has forced her to unleash a new power!

Warning: My Hero Academia manga 280 SPOILERS Follow!

In the previous chapter of My Hero Academia, Gigantomachia plowed through the pro heroes holding the line to stop the monster from helping the League of Villains rescue their leader, Tomura Shigaraki. Shigaraki had been stopped (for the moment) by the combined efforts of Eraser Head, Endeavor, Izuku Midoriya and Bakugo - but the power of the combined League of Villains squad (plus Gigantomachia) would easily overwhelm the heroes.

Class 1-A comes up with a sedative to take Gigantomachia down, but it's up to Ashido to deliver the payload down the big brute's throat. Gigantomachia lets out a super-breath shockwave to counter the heroes' attack, but Mina has her own new super-move to reveal: Acidman!

Mina Ashido's acid quirk lets her produce the corrosive liquid from her body, and during Class 1-A's education (both in the classroom and on the battlefield), Mina's ability has evolved alongside those of her classmates. She's used new techniques like "Acid Veil" (defensive acid shields); "Acid Shot" (acidic bullets she can shoot); or "Acid Layback" (using acid on the soles of her feet for faster mobility and agility moves).

However, Acidman is next level: Mina essentially generates an entire avatar body made of acid around herself: "Acidman!" she proclaims, "No fire's touching me through this sticky armor! I can push forward! And since I can, that means I gotta!"

My Hero Academia Mina Ashido New Acidman Powers Manga 280
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

The Acidman avatar dissolves anything in its path - including Gigantomachia's shockwave, Dabi's fire, or anything else the League of Villains can throw at her. It's a literal and figurative expansion of Mina's abilities and a clear sign of her progress.

Unfortunately, Mina Ashido's power progression still doesn't fix the big emotional hurdle that's always held her back: fear. Hearing Gigantomachia's voice makes Mina realize that he is the monster that once frightened her in a previous encounter, and that fear makes her falter.


...Thankfully, Ashido's boy Karashima has her back, and once again saves the day!

My Hero Academia is in production on season 5 of the anime. Online chapters of the manga can be found HERE.