My Hero Academia Reveals Toga's Latest Gruesome Kill

The War Arc of My Hero Academia has seen some heavy casualties on both the sides of heroes and villains, and the League of Villains has added another notch to their belts with the blood drinking Toga performing one of her most grisly murders to date in order to have some burning questions answered! With Deku and Shigaraki currently in the midst of a life or death battle, this chapter gives us the opportunity to look into one of the many moving pieces of this latest arc that is set to forever change the world that has made UA Academy so popular among anime fans!

Warning! If you have yet to read the latest chapter of My Hero Academia, Chapter 288, you may want to steer clear as we'll dive into spoiler territory for the heroes and villains of this Shone world!

Toga has become a fan favorite villain, with her jovial nature and crush on Deku hiding the malicious nature that she has toward the world and the citizens within it. Simply trying to "live her life without consequence", this chapter of the manga gives us a tender moment wherein the female antagonist separates from her current "family" in the League of Villains to ask the heroes a specific question. In order to get close to one of the heroes, Ochaco specifically, Toga commits what might be her most dastardly act to date.

My Hero Toga Murder
(Photo: Viz Media)
My Hero Toga
(Photo: Viz Media)

Toga apparently murders an old woman in order to take her blood and uses her appearance to get close to Uravity, attempting to ask the hero to speak for her comrades as to whether or not they'll be murdering her during this war that pits heroes against villains. The female villain's question simply revolves around the idea that the heroes want to kill the villains in order to maintain their grasp over the world, while sacrificing innocent lives if need be in order to do it.


Toga is of course surprised when Ochaco states that she will attempt to save the old woman's loved one, causing her disguise to disappear thanks to her surprise. With the League of Villains joining to achieve their individual goals of living their lives, it's interesting to have the veil of Toga's personality peeled back even further with this latest installment.

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