My Hero Academia Reveals New Nomu Experiment

My Hero Academia has a lot on its plate these days, but the manga is handling it the best it can. From Izuku's burgeoning powers to the League's explosive power, society is a mess right now. But thanks to one teacher, it seems an experiment has begun that might keep the Nomu off our heroes' plates.

If you are caught up with My Hero Academia chapter 325, you will know what is going on. After Izuku is taken in by his school, the POV switches to Eraserhead as he speaks with the principal. It is there fans were informed Eraserhead inspired the school to do another Nomu experiment as Nezu believes the creatures can be restored.

"The breakthrough you and Mic had was the inspiration to ship some Nomu - Kurogiri included - to Central Hospital in secret and begin restorative research," Nezu reminds Eraserhead during their call.

Clearly, the heroes are hoping to decommission the Nomu, and it is no surprise why. The League has even stronger monsters at its call, and some did escape during the raid. My Hero Academia fans saw how much damage they can do courtesy of Mirko, and even Endeavor struggled against them. As the Pro Heroes prepare to retake the city, they need as few opponents as possible, so this Nomu experiment could change the tide of war.

And of course, Eraserhead has personal reasons for wanting this experiment to pan out. Kurogiri was broken once by Shirakumo, the boy whose corpse was used to create the Nomu. There are questions of whether Shirakumo might be alive within Kurogiri, and Eraserhead is determined to find those answers for his high school friend. So as the series continues, My Hero Academia fans will want to keep an eye out for Shigaraki's former caregiver.


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