My Hero Academia introduces Shigaraki's Family

My Hero Academia can be dark when the need arises, and that was made painfully clear this week. If you did not know, season five stepped out with a new episode all about the League of Villains leader, and Shigaraki was wilding out more so than ever before. In fact, fans were finally given a look at the boy's history, and that meant fans met all of his biological family.

For those caught up with the anime, you will know how Tomura grew up. The boy was born Tenko Shimura, and he lived a nice life as the youngest of two kids. His parents were rather opposite as Kotaro Shimura (his dad) was extraordinarily strict with his family. However, his wife Nao was gentle, and she showed great affection towards Shigaraki.

As the episode went on, My Hero Academia fans learned more about the family's ordeal. Tenko loved heroes growing up, but his father disapproved of the notion. When his older sister Hana informed Shigaraki about their grandmother, Tenko became obsessed with Nana Shimura. But when his dad found out, all hell broke loose.

The emotional event led Shigaraki to unleash his quirk, and it was deadly from the start. Tenko accidentally killed his dog, grandmother, sister, and mother. The gruesome scenes were shown in the anime this week, and it all ended with Tenko coming face to face with his dad. Kentaro was aghast by Shigaraki's powers, and his fear broke Tenko. In a fit of anger, the boy killed his father with his Decay quirk, and Tenko was left by himself for days before All For One took him in.

Asides from his father's ire, Shigaraki grew up in a loving home, and his sister was close to him. It is hard to imagine how the boy ended up where he is given his history, but anything can happen in a world where quirks thrive. And now, these surfaced memories seem to have made Shigaraki stronger than ever before. 


What do you make of Shigaraki's family? Did you ever expect the Shimura's to end up like this in My Hero Academia? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.