My Hero Academia Reveals Izuku's Secret New One For All Training

My Hero Academia recently unlocked a new power inside of One For All, and the newest chapter revealed that it was actually the result of Izuku Midoriya's new One For All training done in secret. Now that the fight between the heroes and Tomura Shigaraki has reached its climax, Deku surprised fans with the previous chapter as he suddenly was able to activate Nana Shimura's Float quirk. This marks the third major ability to come out of One For All beyond his strength boosting and Blackwhip abilities, and it's exactly what Deku had been training for.

Chapter 284 of the series continues the next phase of the fight between Deku and Shigaraki as Deku prepares to launch another attack and hit Shigaraki while the two of them are still in midair thanks to Deku using his Float quirk to catch up with Shigaraki's jump. It's then revealed that Deku had been preparing his body to acclimate to this new quirk through some secret training.

As Bakugo begins to see Deku fighting against Shigaraki, he thinks back to a conversation he had with All Might. This is during a secret training session where Deku seeks out the help from Tsuyu Asui, Hanta Sero, and Ochaco Uraraka alongside Bakugo. He recruits Sero and Tsu to help him better use Blackwhip against fast moving opponents, but the key is Uraraka.

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All Might gets Uraraka to help Deku to balance his body and better shift in midair, and he's hoping that Deku's body getting used to this feeling and practicing how to move could potentially wake up that power inside of him. This indeed was the case as Deku was able to push his body to use the Float quirk in the fight. It seemed that like it unlocked out of Deku's pure rage, but now we see evidence that it was yet another one of Deku and All Might's preparations through training.


There is the worry that as Deku's power continues to expand that he won't be able to continue this kind of secret training, but what do you think? Do you think Deku and All Might's secret will be getting out soon? Will he be able to train with One For All and still keep his secret? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!