My Hero Academia Shares Synopsis for Newly Announced OVA

My Hero Academia has been out of air for awhile now, but work is being done on its fifth season. Thanks to an announcement last night, fans learned the superhero series has been hard at work on more than just not season. A brand-new OVA has been cooked up for the show, and it will hit Hulu before too-too long.

The revelation was made late last night as My Hero Academia confirmed the name of the OVA. The special will be called "Stay Alive! A Deathly Survival Practice" and will take place before any student attempting to get a provisional license. This means fans are about to travel back before that arc and see what the Class of 1-A did to get itself in this predicament.

Of course, it is easier to guess what will go down when you have a synopsis. That is why the series put out an official blurb describing the impending special. You can check out the full description below courtesy of Aitkimochi:

my hero academia ova
(Photo: Bones Inc)

"Right before the Provisional License Exam, the U.S. Academy Class A students re split into two teams where they have to undergo disaster training. The operation is to rescue dolls, posing as civilians, who have been trapped in a large underground mall that is on fire. Team A, consisting of 10 members including Deku, split up to search for survivors, but in the midst of the rescue, the establishment starts crumbling down and traps the students underground.

They face dangers of the structure further collapsing, with no electricity running through and their oxygen running then, and some students are suffer from inures too. With no time to lose, Deku and the others must combine their powers and regroup with each other so they can escape from this underground mess. Can they survive this and come out safely!?"


Clearly, this My Hero Academia OVA will follow Class 1-A through a tough situation, but fans shouldn't worry about the gang being too beaten up. Netizens already know how the Provisional License Test ends up, and any failures noted were not due to this skirmish. This special flashback will force our heroees to think on the fly, so here's to hoping Bakugo isn't too terribly unpleasant once this mission goes south.

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