My Hero Academia Stars Mimic Team 7 in This Naruto Crossover

When it comes to My Hero Academia, it is difficult to ignore how often the show is said in the same breath as Naruto. The two shonen titles may have very different stories and settings, but their hype is much the same. Both titles stand as some of the most popular in Japan's history, and that is why one fan decided it was time to combine the two series.

The Reddit user ProfessorGemini got the fandom buzzing when they posted a piece of art that combines Naruto with My Hero Academia. The piece imagines what Aizawa might have gone through if he were Kakashi and Team 7 was headed up by Izuku's friends.

You can see the artwork for yourself below. Aizawa is all dressed up in a flak jacket that signifies his Jounin status, and he is even wearing Kakashi's face mask as that makes up for his missing scarf. With his hair cover his one eye, Aizawa suits Kakashi in the best way, and that is to say nothing for his students.

Team 7 from Class 1-A from r/BokuNoHeroAcademia

Naruto has been replaced by Izuku who is rocking a green-and-black version of the ninja's orange suit. Ochaco is enjoying her run as Sakura, and the Leaf Village heroine didn't have to change up her suit much. Sakura and Ochaco favor the color pink, so all the latter needed with a ninja headband.

As for Bakugo, you could have guessed he would take over Sasuke's spot. The character is seen wearing the Uchiha's high-collar black shirt with a blue headband. The boy looks none too happy to be on Team 7 with his classmates, but that makes him all the more like Sasuke.


This is not the first time the characters have been compared and certainly will not be the last. Naruto's legacy is one that is felt heavily in shonen today, and it continues on with its sequel Boruto. My Hero Academia often feels like Naruto since it took the best parts of the ninja tale for itself, so maybe fans will get an actual crossover one day.

What do you make of this Naruto x My Hero Academia crossover? Do you agree with each of the hero swaps? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!