My Hero Academia to Get Fashion Collection From Pharrell Williams' Line

My Hero Academia is set to return with the fifth season of its anime later this month, and it [...]

My Hero Academia is set to return with the fifth season of its anime later this month, and it seems as if singer/songwriter Pharrell Williams is getting in on the action of UA Academy as his clothing line, "ICECREAM", is set to release some new attire with some of the biggest heroes of Kohei Horikoshi's Shonen franchise making an appearance. With the anime set to return, the manga dealing with the ramifications of the conclusion of the War Arc, and a third feature-length film set to be released this summer, 2021 is shaping up to be one of the biggest years in the anime's history.

Pharrell Williams isn't the only celebrity that has created attire to bank on the popularity of specific anime franchises, with actor Michael B. Jordan having created a fashion line that brought folks into the world of Konoha the Hidden Leaf Village to several fans. With Megan Thee Stallion assisting in helping to promote the clothing line, it was definitely a success for all parties involved when it came to spreading awareness of all things Naruto. The clothing line by Williams features the likes of Midoriya, Red Riot, Bakugo, Uravity, and Shoto Todoroki, some of the most popular heroes of the franchise.

The Official Instagram Account for Pharrell's Clothing Line shared the first look at this union between the singer/songwriter and the wildly successful Shonen franchise created by Kohei Horikoshi that continues to blow fans away with its insane levels of action:

The fifth season of My Hero Academia's anime will see the heroes at the forefront once again, with the students of Class 1-A pitted against their rivals in Class 1-B in a training exercise that might improve their Quirks astronomically in the process. On top of this battle, the upcoming season will also be focusing on Shigaraki, in a brand new battle that will have big implications for the future of the League of Villains while also taking the opportunity to explore the tragic tale of this creepy villain's origins.

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