My Hero Academia Finale Leaves Endeavor with a Horrific Injury

My Hero Academia fans know a thing or two about finales, so they know these episodes can go wild. Time and again, the anime has surprised fans with cliffhangers during its season finales, but things took a major turn with season four. After all, the anime brought an end to the run this past week, and it did so after gifting Endeavor an injury he may not recover from.

The whole ordeal dates back to episode 88 of the anime. My Hero Academia chose to leave off season four with a reminder of Endeavor's strength. The Pro Hero arc followed the man as he was officially crowned the number one hero before the people. Determined to live up to the legacy which All Might created, Endeavor goes to fight a never-before-seen Nomu alongside Hawks.

The issue? Well, this Nomu is more powerful than anything seen before. The battle proves this Nomu is stronger than any before it, and Endeavor learns that the hard way. He is dealt a damning blow to the face which appears to burn half of his face. Endeavor manages to keep fighting despite the injury, but fans get some grisly views of the burn as the battle. continues.

Of course, My Hero Academia fans admit they find this injury ironic given what Endeavor did to his youngest son. The man may not have given Shoto the scar on his face, but the torture he put his family through prompted his mom to give him the scar. Now, it seems like Endeavor will have a much larger scar to match, and the fandom isn't sure whether or not to chalk his fate up to karma.

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