See How My Hero Academia Season 4 Brought Its Best Scenes to Life in This New Clip

The Cultural Festival Arc of My Hero Academia's fourth season might not have been as action packed as the Overhaul storyline that took place earlier in the latest anime installment, but it did give us one of the best scenes of the series as Class 1-A formed a band and now the studio behind the series has shown how they created the iconic moment where Jiro took the mic and brought the house down! On top of this, the creators also showed how the battle between Midoriya and Gentle Criminal was animated as a one two punch!

Season Four presented a lot of new challenges for the students of UA Academy, as they attempted to bring down the terrifying force of Overhaul and his Yakuza, as well as have lighter character building moments in teaming up to create a rock band during the Cultural Festival Arc. While there were far more dire circumstances in the first story arc of the season, the rock band that was created by Jiro and her fellow students helped to give fans a breather before things got serious once again as Endeavor and Hawks fought against a terrifying new threat in the "High End Nomu". Needless to say, My Hero Academia Season Four was one of the best seasons of the anime to date and we can't wait to see some of the big future moments of the manga brought to life!

The Official Twitter Account for My Hero Academia's Anime shared a break down of the animation that went into both Midoriya and Gentle Criminal's battle, as well as the performance of Class 1-A at the Cultural Festival that proved Jiro will always have a back up job as a singer if the whole professional hero thing doesn't work out:

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