My Hero Academia Fans Pick Season Five's Most-Anticipated Moment

My Hero Academia is hard at work on its fifth season, and fans are more than ready to see what it has in store. The highly awaited series is slated to make a comeback next spring, and it will follow Class 1-A on some intense new adventures. Of course, that means the Todoroki clan is going to come back into focus, and fans have singled out one of Shoto's scenes as a must-see moment from the season.

If you are caught up with the manga, you will know the My Hero Academia scene in question. It comes not long after Endeavor takes on High-End, an advanced Nomu who is deployed at the end of season four. The hero fights High-End as his first task since becoming the number one hero, but it is a hard battle. After all, Endeavor is scarred in the fight, and fans are waiting for Shoto to give his thoughts on the injury.

The manga does show Shoto reacting to his old man's wound, and he is none too sympathetic about it. You can see the panels in question below as Shoto faces his father for the first time since High-End was beaten. The boy takes the most judgmental slurp of noodles in history, and he passes on a comment to Endeavor.

"That's a nasty scare you've got there," he says.

Endeavor has the decency to look ashamed by the comment, but Shoto isn't about to rejoice. After all, the boy has suffered scarring himself, and it was prompted by his father's cruel abuse. Shoto's mom may have been the one to burn him as a child, but she did so after Endeavor pushed her to a psychotic break. Now, Endeavor has learned what being scarred feels like, and fans are eager for retribution. There can be no redemption for Endeavor without it, and Shoto deserves nothing less than to revel in this ironic moment.


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