My Hero Academia Director Updates Fans on Season 5 Dubbing

There are still several months standing between My Hero Academia fans and its fifth season. The show is expected to drop next spring, and fans are very excited to check it out. After all, the show will adapt a juicy part of the manga that readers have been anticipating for some time now, and fans just got an update on the season from its sound director.

Over on Twitter, Masafumi Mima got the fandom buzzing when they shared an update on the season. It was there the sound director posted photos of the cast recording lines while still being socially distance.

"Dubbing is being worked on step by step. Up to seven people can work together as shown in the first picture," Mima posted.

The director went on to say this format keeps the cast safe but does require more work from sound techs. They have to record more often as future groups come in for their seven-person session. And at the end of this recording stint, Mima says two actors had to bow to a sound producer. The cheeky photo questions what might have happened with the trio, so maybe Mima will let the secret out once My Hero Academia season five drops.


Currently, work is being done diligently on the fifth season. Mima posted an update on the show's soundtrack earlier this month, and they said their work on scoring was done. This means all the music for season five is done, and the My Hero Academia staff is trying to get all its dialogue recorded as well. Hopefully, fans will get a new look at the season this December during Jump Festa, and all these updates have fans crossing their fingers for such an update!

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