My Hero Academia Cosplay Fuses Mirio And Overhaul

The fourth season of My Hero Academia didn't just give us new powers for some of our favorite heroes, but introduced us to new heroes and villains across the board, with one fan deciding to create cosplay for both Mirio, aka Lemillion, and Overhaul to honor both sides of the popular Kohei Horikoshi franchise. Though season four left both Lemillion and Overhaul much more worse for ware than where they both started, it's clear that the legacy they left behind will affect both the world of heroes and villains as the students of UA Academy attempt to become professional crime fighters!

One of the biggest battles in season four of the anime was easily when Lemillion had taken on Overhaul during the first arc of the season, with the transparent hero managing to deal the mob boss a number of blows that he had never before experienced. Unfortunately for Mirio, the battle came with a heavy price as he was struck with the Quirk erasing dart that the gangster had perfected using the blood of the young girl named Eri. Even without the help of his Quirk, Lemillion is still trying to make a difference in the hero game and make proud his deceased mentor who was killed during the battle against Overhaul in Sir Nighteye.

Instagram Cosplayer Leon Chiro showed off the two amazing Cosplays that bring to life the major hero and villain of season four using one subject, giving perfect takes on both Lemillion and Overhaul before they both befell fates that would take them out of the game within the franchise of My Hero Academia:

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The fifth season of My Hero Academia will focus on a brand new set of challenges, while most likely diving further into the lives of some of the biggest villains of the anime franchise. Though Overhaul and Lemillion won't have large roles to play, if any roles at all, when it comes to the next installment of the anime, their legacies will continue in the world of both the heroes at UA Academy and the villains of the Paranormal Liberation Front!


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