My Hero Academia Might Have Nixed Two Big Heroes

My Hero Academia's sixth season has seen the young students of UA Academy teaming up with their mentors to fight against Shigaraki and his Paranormal Liberation War. While the likes of Deku, Bakugo, Endeavor, and many other heroes have ganged up on the current All For One wielder, the decaying young villain has managed to take not one, but potentially two heroes off the battlefield. Unfortunately for Midoriya and friends, some big-time heroes might not be recovering any time soon, if ever again.      

Shigaraki might not be able to access the full power of All For One thanks to Eraserhead's Quirk, but the decaying young villain still has a body that is giving him strength and speed on the same level as All Might. While Endeavor was joined by Deku and Bakugo in fighting against the head of the Paranormal Liberation War, Shigaraki refused to stay down and broke through his limits while remembering the pain and strife he went through in his early years as a member of Hero Society. Unfortunately, Gran Torino was on the receiving end of Shigaraki's rage and it seems as though the tiny hero won't be a part of the battle moving forward, as Deku's mentor might be a casualty thanks to a brutal blow from the villain.

The War To End Them All

Shigaraki wasn't done as he railed against Gran Torino however, as he revealed that he was still holding on to one of the "Quirk erasing bullets" that he had swiped from Overhaul during the events of Season Four, leaping toward Aizawa as he wanted to once again access the full power of All For One. While the Dragon Hero Ryukyu was able to keep Shigaraki at bay, the young villain punched his way through the hero's hand and launched the bullet at Eraserhead, striking him in the leg.

If Eraserhead loses his Quirk, the heroes will be at a severe disadvantage as they'll be fighting a Shigaraki who can access his full power, and with the current wielder of All For One already demonstrating that he can use his decaying power to eliminate entire cities, Deku, Bakugo, and their allies would be in serious trouble.

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