My Hero Academia Season 6 Kicks Off New Izuku and Bakugo Tag Team

My Hero Academia has kicked off an intense new stage with the newest episode of the sixth season, and the anime has brought Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo together for a new tag team fight against Tomura Shigaraki! While the heroes initially gotten the jump on the Paranormal Liberation Front when they kicked off their raid in the first episodes of the season, things quickly turned for the worse when Shigaraki was awakened and revealed that he took on much of All For One's former powers. Now that the villain is actively hunting for One For All, Izuku couldn't stay out of the fight for much longer.

My Hero Academia's newest season has seen Shigaraki displaying his new level of strength as Endeavor and the other pro heroes continue to struggle, and in order to keep him away from One For All, Izuku ended up entering the battle himself with Bakugo tagging along in full. Now that they have entered the fight, the newest episode of the series shows off a bit of their teamwork while they fight alongside Endeavor to deal any kind of potential damage to the villain as they can. 

Why Are Izuku and Bakugo Fighting Shigaraki? 

The previous episode of the series saw Deku and Bakugo moving into action when they found out that Shigaraki is now seeking out One For All. First luring him away, the two of them show up at the main battle despite Aizawa and the other heroes' protests. Managing to save their teacher at just the right moment from losing his life entirely, the two of them wanted to protect their teacher as best as they could because of how much he means for Class 1-A's future (and the future of the heroes) as a whole. 

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Now that the two of them have begun fighting against Shigaraki together with Endeavor, their tag team sees Bakugo using Deku as a piece of bait to lure Shigaraki's attention long enough for he and Endeavor to deal some choice hits. But it's clear that the fight against the villain has only really started, and now it's just a matter of seeing whether or not Izuku and Bakugo can make it out of the battle with their lives. 

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