My Hero Academia Explores The Early Days of All Might

The fifth season of My Hero Academia has begun the training exercise that pits the students of Class 1-A against their rivals in Class 1-B, but it also takes the opportunity to dive into the past of All Might in an unexpected scene, created thanks to Deku's exploration of One For All. As Midoriya comes into contact with Nana Shimura, one of the Vestiges of One For All who was also one of the mentors to All Might as he journeyed to become the number one hero and the world's "Symbol of Peace".

In the season four finale, Deku found himself meeting the previous wielders of the Quirk of One For All, with Nana Shimura and the originator of the Quirk talking to Midoriya the most. When Izuku awakes, he makes a beeline to his mentor in All Might, discussing what had happened and what he had experienced within his mindscape. Thanks to this conversation, All Might remembers a memory from his early life as a professional hero, wherein he had inherited the Quirk of One For All from Shimura. The two heroes have a discussion very similar to the one taking place in this latest episode of My Hero Academia, where One For All is further examined.

My Hero Academia All Might
(Photo: Studio Bones)

All Might has pretty much lost the entirety of his power that he gleaned from the Quirk of One For All, now taking on the role of teacher within the halls of UA Academy. Training Midoriya directly in how to use his all-powerful Quirk rather than holding onto the role of the Symbol of Peace, All Might is hoping that All For One will remain imprisoned in Tartarus for the rest of his days.

Though Nana Shimura won't be coming back to life, her grandson, Shigaraki, will have a significant role to play in the remainder of Season Five, and we're sure to see Shimura return as Deku learns more about the Quirk that he is continuing to master with each day in UA Academy. Needless to say, Izuku's power will be put to the test in this training exercise in which he will have to face not only Class 1-B but the powerful student known as Shinso as well.

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