My Hero Academia Cosplay Celebrates Season Five With Froppy

The fifth season of My Hero Academia has been hinting at a battle between the aspiring heroes of 1-A and 1-B for quite some time, and the latest installment of the anime has shown Froppy in action, with one fan celebrating by creating some Cosplay for the Frog Hero that has become a fan-favorite among the students of UA Academy. Though the first training exercise of the season focused on Froppy and her classmates battling against the Big Three, this latest exercise will be far deadlier and it is definitely a battle they might not win.

Froppy's powers as a Frog Hero allow her to be one of the most versatile aspiring crime fighters in the ranks of Class 1-A, managing to use her agility to dodge opponent attacks and long tongue to deliver offensive blows. In the latest episode of the anime, we see Froppy take center stage in the first team of Class 1-A, joined by the likes of Chargebolt, Anima, and Red Riot. On top of this quartet, we also see Shinso by their side, the hero who is attempting to become a hero in his own right by using his Quirk that allows him to brainwash opponents.

Instagram Cosplayer Hendo Art shared this impressive take on the Frog Hero of UA Academy, who will definitely have her powers put to the test during this training exercise that pits her and her classmates against their rivals in Class 1-B in a major battle royale:

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Froppy might not be as high up on the food chain among fans with the likes of Midoriya, Bakugo, and Todoroki, but she has definitely hit a point where she has become one of the most popular female heroes that are currently attending UA Academy. While she will be able to show off her stuff in the next episode of My Hero Academia, season five will also take the opportunity to dive into the current troubles facing the villains of the League of Villains. Needless to say, there are plenty of challenges on the way for Froppy and her friends aspiring to become professional crime fighters.

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