My Hero Academia Unleashes Jiro's Insane Singing Voice

The latest installment of My Hero Academia was jam packed with big events. Midoriya learned more about how to use his quirk from All Might, Gentle Criminal revealed his plan for UA Academy, and Class 1-A formed their band for the upcoming Cultural Festival. During the latter, we saw Bakugo revealing his amazing skills on the drums, characters like Midoriya and Todoroki being assigned to the "Dance" and "Effects" Teams, and perhaps most importantly, had a chance to hear Jiro's amazing singing voice as she officially becomes the leader of the band!

Jiro's Quirk, for those who don't know, allows her to use her "ear jack" ears to hear to a large degree around her environment, as well as unleash a vibrational attack that can bring down opponents in her way. During a previous episode, each of the Class 1-A students had their passions revealed as their rooms were investigated as part of a contest that they created. While looking at Jiro's room, her fellow classmates discovered her passion for music and thus a shining star was born!

When Jiro is put on the spot as they begin forming the band for the upcoming Cultural Festival, she belts out an absolutely stunning song in English, blowing away her classmates as they immediately make her the front man for the band. Interestingly enough, Bakugo is the one to attempt to push everyone forward after he discovers that students outside of their class feel that all the bad events to happen to UA Academy recently are their fault, following their titanic struggles against the villains of the world.

The League of Villains have almost consistently been attacking Class 1-A, and while four seasons of My Hero Academia are present, only a short amount of time has passed since the beginning of the anime. With the villains consistently getting in Midoriya and company's way, the other students of UA Academy have taken notice, blaming Class 1-A for the damage being caused by these super powered battles. While this is completely unfounded, it still digs its way under Bakugo's skin, having the explosive young hero jump on board with the idea of forming a band!


Jiro's singing voice was 100% the biggest surprise of the episode, as she completely knocks Class 1-A off their feet, and if she stays at this level throughout the upcoming arc, her fellow classmates are a shoe-in for winning the upcoming Cultural Festival!

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