My Hero Academia Season 6 Drops the Anime's Biggest Death Yet

My Hero Academia's sixth season is all about the war, specifically the battle between UA Academy's students and Shigaraki's vast forces as the two sides fight for Hero Society's future. With the third episode arriving, the Shonen franchise has said goodbye to a major player in the conflict, marking a tragic moment in the series to date from an unexpected side of the aisle. With the war heating up in the anime adaptation, it's clear that no one is safe.               

Warning. If you have yet to watch My Hero Academia's latest episode, season six's third installment, be forewarned that we'll be diving into massive spoilers.

As both heroes young and old converge to ambush the combined forces of Shigaraki and Re-Destro, the biggest fight of the latest installment is a far more intimate one. The number two hero, Hawks, spent the majority of season five working his way to learn as much as possible about both the League of Villains and the Meta Liberation Army, gaining the trust of several villains. With the heroes' attack underway, perhaps no villain took it harder in terms of Hawks' betrayal than Twice, the duplicating villain who had formed a friendship with the member of the Public Safety Commission.

(Photo: Studio Bones)

Hawks has previously recognized how dangerous Twice could be, with the villain sporting a Quirk that allows him to create doubles that can number in the hundreds of thousands. While the number two hero held the upper hand early on in their fight, with his feathers able to cut through any doubles that Twice made, Dabi's arrival in the fight caused Hawks to stay on his toes, with his wings being severely burned in the process.

With Dabi giving Twice the moment he needed, the League of Villains almost had an ace in the hole that might have won them the war, that is until Hawks killed the duplicating villain in a tragic scene. With his double managing to save Toga and Mr. Compress, the anime adaptation confirms that Twice has perished, taking a major trump card from the villains but showing that the Paranormal Liberation War is far from over. 

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