My Hero Academia Season Six Shows Off Kirishima's Big Moment

Red Riot might not be as powerful as Deku and/or Bakugo, but Kirishima has had more than a few opportunities to show his stuff while fighting against the nefarious hordes that are threatening Hero Society. While the current Paranormal Liberation War has mostly seen Kirishima on the sidelines, helping to evacuate citizens caught up in the crossfire, the conflict with the rampaging Gigantomachi has once again given Red Riot the opportunity to shine as he uses his hardening Quirk to save someone who might be a little more than a friend.          

Kirishima, aka the young UA Academy student known as Red Riot, truly showed his stuff during season four, in which he fought against Overhaul's minions and threw himself into a fight far above his weight class, giving it his all in helping to protect his current sensei, Fat Gum. With Creati leading the effort in attempting to stop Gigantomachi's rampage, Mina Ashido is given the opportunity to hurl a container of sedatives into the behemoth's mouth but unfortunately stops short. In a previous flashback, it was revealed that Alien Queen had encountered Gigantomachia before, with the large villain looking for All For One and scaring the Class 1-A student in the process, long before she entered UA Academy proper.

Red Riot, MVP

Kirishima came in to not only get the job done when it came to making sure that Gigantomachi sucked down the sedative, but also used his hardening Quirk to protect Ashido from a blow that would have most likely killed her. Darting through Dabi's flames, Red Riot once again shows that while he might not have had as many fights as Deku, he remains a shining star in the ranks of UA Academy. 

The Paranormal Liberation War has already seen some major casualties take place in this fight for supremacy between heroes and villains, with the League of Villains losing Twice and the heroes losing countless crime fighters as a result of Shigaraki's decaying Quirk. Rest assured, before this season comes to a close, there will be more death and destruction as a result of this conflict.

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