My Hero Academia Awakens Shigaraki with a Surprise Touch

My Hero Academia has awakened Tomura Shigaraki with a surprising touch! The war between the heroes [...]

My Hero Academia has awakened Tomura Shigaraki with a surprising touch! The war between the heroes and villains has reached its end, and both sides are trying to cement their victory by fleeing from the scene of the battle and getting away with their lives. This has been an especially harrowing situation for the villains as Shigaraki has been left practically comatose by the events of the battle. Stemming from the fact that he was freed from his tube before All for One fully merged with his body, Shigaraki is barely holding on.

The newest chapter of the series continues Spinner and the other villains' struggle to awaken Shigaraki from his stupor, but Spinner stumbles on a surprising solution that not only taps into Shigaraki's subconscious rage to awaken him, but allows All For One's power to seemingly overtake his body in the process.

Following Mr. Compress' last minute gambit to put Spinner and Shigaraki in a marble to buy Spinner time to wake Shigaraki, Spinner begins to panic within the marble as he's still completely out of it. But then Spinner remembers how Shigaraki opened up about how he feels rage pouring out of him when he has his family's remnants on him, and how it also brought him a sense of calm.

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He spots one remaining, super damaged hands in Shigaraki's coat (the one presumably left over from Nana Shimura) and decides to place it on Shigaraki's face. This does the trick and it manages to awaken Shigaraki, but there's a much darker twist to this awakening as it's soon revealed that All For One's consciousness has seemingly taken over Shigaraki for now.

All For One then teases that the more hatred Shigaraki begins to feel, such as when using this hand to remind him of his tragic past, the more control All For One is able to take of Shigaraki's body. It's a far more precarious position than anyone could have expected for Shigaraki, and this awakening is truly only the start of an even more intense path for the villain going forward.

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