My Hero Academia Explains All For One's Dark Plans for Shigaraki

It took more than a year to finish, but My Hero Academia is just about finished with the Raid arc [...]

It took more than a year to finish, but My Hero Academia is just about finished with the Raid arc where its manga is concerned. Izuku and his friends have taken on Shigararki in a truly terrifying fight that has society riding on the line. Of course, readers know how pivotal Shigararki's part has been in this arc, and All For One has been bolstering his protege every step of the way. And thanks to a recent update, My Hero Academia fans know All Might's mortal enemy has some dark plans in mind for Shigaraki down the line.

Warning! If you have yet to read the latest chapter of My Hero Academia's manga, Chapter 295, you might want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll be diving into spoiler territory!

All For One has manipulated Shigaraki for most of his life, picking up the boy following the tragic arrival of his decaying Quirk which murdered the entirety of his family. With the grey-haired villain taking an influential role in the League of Villains, he became the perfect recipient of the power of All For One, but in taking on the Quirk, has become the perfect body for the villain to control. Though All For One isn't currently deceased, instead being held captive following his loss at the hands of All Might, it's clear that the all-powerful villain is attempting to control the world via his heir apparent.

My Hero Academia Shigaraki
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As All For One explains, he is able to take control of Shigaraki's body the more that the young villain succumbs to his hatred of the world and his desire to eliminate the heroes. Needless to say, this works exceptionally well for All For One considering that Shigaraki has found himself swallowed by his own hatred and will continue to fall down this path of villainy even with the War Arc inching toward its end.

The final page of the latest chapter hinted at the idea that Midoriya might be trying to save Shigaraki from his own hatred, but with All For One and the young villain responsible for so many deaths during their time, is redemption even possible for the decaying antagonist?

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