My Hero Academia Creator Apologizes for Recent Villain Mix-Up with New Sketch

My Hero Academia's creator addressed a recent villain mix-up with a new sketch! The manga is [...]

My Hero Academia's creator addressed a recent villain mix-up with a new sketch! The manga is currently in the final moments of the war between heroes and villains, and the newest few chapters of the series brought the end of the fight one step closer with a final gambit from Mr. Compress in which he is helping the villains escape. But because there's so many characters being juggled over the course of this war, and so many different plot points to keep an eye on, even series creator Kohei Horikoshi has stuff slipping through the cracks sometimes.

Horikoshi recently addressed this as the newest chapter of the series continues Mr. Compress' final escape effort to get Dabi, Spinner, and Tomura Shigaraki to safety. But as Horikoshi shared in a new sketch with fans on Twitter, he forgot to account for Skeptic's wherabouts in the newest chapter of the series as well.

Chapter 295 of the series sees Compress reveal that he wanted to buy time for Spinner to try and wake up Shigaraki from his current semi-comatose state, and Compress reveals that he slipped Dabi's compact form into Spinner's scarf. But as Horikoshi reveals in his tweet, Skeptic should have been included as a marble as well noting, "I didn't manage to show Skeptic [in his marble form] being passed to Spinner. Only Dabi's."

Apologizing to fans, Horikoshi reveals that the mix-up will be fixed in the physical volume release of the chapter, "But rest assured, it happened, and it will be corrected in the volume release. Please accept my profound apology! Sorry, Compress!" If you'll remember Skeptic is still the one Meta Liberation Army member still with the League of Villains at the moment, so it's likely he'll continue to play a role in the series going forward from here if he was meant to escape with the others!

My Hero Academia still has to reveal whether or not Mr. Compress' big moment was successful, so we'll see for ourselves soon when the series returns next year and puts an official end to this war! Did you notice the Skeptic slip up? How do you feel about the way this war is coming to an end? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!