My Hero Academia Fan Celebrates Shigaraki with a DC Comics Crossover

My Hero Academia has made Shigaraki more powerful than ever before with the manga covering what [...]

My Hero Academia has made Shigaraki more powerful than ever before with the manga covering what might be the biggest battle between the heroes and villains to date in the Paranormal Liberation War, but one fan has decided to take things one step further by merging the decaying antagonist with the clown prince of crime himself, the Joker. With his critically acclaimed film being nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards and raking in some serious cash, it's no surprise to see anime fans attempting to blend the heroes of their medium with the long time Batman villain!

Shigaraki himself does have some similarities with the harlequin of hate, in that he simply wants a world of chaos where the strong are able to do as they wish without heroes stopping their "fun". With Shigaraki gaining a serious power boost in the manga for My Hero Academia, it seems as if his dreams of re-creating the world that is no longer "ruled" by heroes is that much closer to actually becoming a reality. While the Joker still appears in issues of Batman, and other DC Comics, no one is quite sure when he will make his next appearance in the world of the movies, whether it be through a sequel to the Joaquin Phoenix film or in the new Batman films being created by Matt Reeves with Robert Pattinson playing the Dark Knight himself.

Instagram Fan Artist The_Sketchy_Artist21 shared this pitch perfect crossover art that takes the biggest villain currently fighting within the pages of My Hero Academia and merging him with Batman's most terrifying foe that has been able to branch out into solo projects of his own:

While there have been no rumors of a potential Shigaraki solo spin-off, we certainly know we'd love to get more inside the head of the antagonist who became the leader of the League of Villains!

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