My Hero Academia Reveals Shigaraki's Dark Plans for One For All

My Hero Academia has been busy training up Izuku and Shigaraki, so it is about time the pair met [...]

My Hero Academia has been busy training up Izuku and Shigaraki, so it is about time the pair met face to face after a long separation. Recently, the manga set up a terrifying run-in for the duo after a slew of Pro Heroes were killed by Shigaraki. And thanks to chapter 274, fans know the baddie has a very important goal he needs to meet regarding One For All.

And what could that be? Well, it turns out Shigaraki is determined to take hold of the Quirk. That is what Izuku is about to face down Shigaraki as the madman will cull anyone who gets between him and the power... and that definitely includes all of Class 1-A.

Chapter 274 ended on a terrifying note after Shigaraki embraced his new powers. The new user of All For One decided to use Search to locate his desired Quirk, and Shigaraki bolted after One For All. Luckily, Izuku overheard the plans so he could run away, and the hero is not undertaking his diversion alone.

my hero academia 274
(Photo: Shueisha)

Bakugo has decided to back up Izuku on this mission, and fans are nervous to see how Shigaraki fares with his goal. He plans to take One For All, but it does not appear he knows Izuku possesses the power. What's more, the villain might not have heard One For All can only be transferred willingly. There is a good reason All For One was never able to recoup the power he gifted his younger brother so long ago, and it will fall on Izuku to protect the Quirk from Shigaraki's deranged plans now.

Of course, Bakugo is involved with the issue now. After the temperamental student learned about One For All, he is just as dedicated to protecting the Quirk as Izuku. The boy knew Izuku would run after hearing about Shigaraki's plan, but he might not be the only one tailing towards the fight. The manga hints that Shoto Torodoki will join the fray, but the word is out on whether Ochaco or Iida will follow suit.

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