My Hero Academia Shares New Details on Shigaraki's Decay Boost

My Hero Academia has given us a story arc that is looking more dire for the heroes of the anime [...]

My Hero Academia has given us a story arc that is looking more dire for the heroes of the anime franchise with each passing chapter in the Paranormal Liberation War arc, and with Shigaraki now having a number of powers under his control thanks to the experimentation of Dr. Garaki, it seems as if his primary Quirk has seen a serious boost as a result to boot! The young villain is now leading the most deadly villain group that the world has ever seen and is doing everything in his power to become the true inheritor of All For One!

With the professional heroes facing an army of super villains that top over 100,000 members within the Paranormal Liberation Front, they have also had to clash with a handful of High End Nomu, the insane Dr. Garaki, and the empowered Shigaraki who has awoken from his coma. Shigaraki was first thought to be dead, but the young villain in fact awakens with a brand new power set that makes him stronger than even the original All For One, unleashing a giant burst of his "Decay Quirk" that not only caused professional heroes and UA students to flee the scene, but killed a number of heroes as well.

Twitter User CDCCubed shared this new fact about Shigaraki's empowered quirk of decay, showing off the panel from My Hero Academia's manga wherein Ochaco is able to see that the young villain's power is no longer following the laws of physics and can't be stopped in the traditional methods that were used by the heroes to counter act it:

The manga is hinting at a big change for the world of UA Academy, and Shigaraki's next opponent in the number one hero of Endeavor is definitely going to give us an idea of what is in store for the heroes in the future of the anime franchise. With Shigaraki now having an amplified version of his own quirk, as well as several others that he inherited from All For One, things aren't looking to good for the heroes, let alone Endeavor.

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