My Hero Academia Season 6 Unleashes Shigaraki's New Power: Watch

My Hero Academia's newest season has been steadily getting ready to bring Tomura Shigaraki fully into the action with his new level of power with All For One, and the newest episode of the series has officially woke him up with a display of how much stronger he's gotten already! The fifth season of the series might have had some issues fans had pointed out, but what it did do was spend its time exploring how the heroes and villains were getting ready for the full war they are now in with the sixth season. For Shigaraki, he was becoming All For One's true successor.

While the first four episodes of the new season have seen the heroes trying their best to take down the Paranormal Liberation Front before Shigaraki could wake up and intervene, it appears that all of their efforts were really in vain as Shigaraki was able to wake up already. Although his decay power had grown to a monstrous new level in the previous season, Episode 118 of the series saw him use a deadly and much faster version of his decay quirk than ever before as it spread across the town: 

What is Happening to Shigaraki in My Hero Academia Season 6? 

Episode 118 of My Hero Academia (the fifth episode of Season 6 overall) sees the heroes try one more time to stop the High-Ends released by the doctor before, and they are able to make some headway against them. But as soon seen, Shigaraki had been broken out of his tube in the previous episode. With a loose wire making contact with the fluid he was brewing in, Shigaraki was fully woken back up. Without even really trying, Shigaraki decays not only Jaku Hospital but the immediate area around it. 

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Decay was shown to not only spread at a much faster rate than we had seen in with the fifth season, but was able to tear through everything nearby that touched them. This killed a massive number of both heroes and villains caught in the wave of decay, and while some of the bigger heroes were able to escape this first Decay, it's clear that an awakened Shigaraki will be much deadlier to deal with than ever before. 

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