My Hero Academia Preview Shows The Villains' Trump Card: Watch

My Hero Academia's sixth season is presenting the heroes, and villains, with their darkest days to date as the two sides clash for the future of Hero Society. With the latest episode seeing Shigaraki come to a crossroads as he debates whether to inherit the full power of All For One, it would seem that a new preview has landed that spells more bad times ahead for our heroes as the decaying villain has awoken and is looking to cause Class 1-A some serious pain.    

The new preview certainly hints at the idea that Shigaraki is going to shake things up, with the power of All For One being transferred to the young villain whose decaying Quirk was already a power that could wipe away numerous opponents in a single sweep. The fifth season of My Hero Academia's anime adaptation saw Shigaraki and the League of Villains gain some serious strength not just by further mastering their Quirks, but also by taking over the Meta Liberation Army, its resources, and its vast membership numbers. Though Shigaraki was woken up before the full effects of Dr. Garaki's experiments have taken hold, it seems that at the very least, seventy-five percent of the process has been completed, which might be more than enough to turn the tides of battle. 

My Villain Academia Continues

Toho Animation took the opportunity to share a quick preview for the fifth episode of My Hero Academia's sixth season, which shows us a fully woken Shigaraki following Mirko and Present Mic's attack on his chamber and is sure to crank up the war to a brand new level:

While the War Arc continues in the anime adaptation, the Final Arc is playing out in My Hero Academia's manga, which sees the heroes fighting against All For One, Shigaraki, and the countless villains threatening Hero Society for what might be the final time. The anime adaptation hasn't made clear just how many seasons, and/or movies, the Shonen franchise will have while playing catch-up with the manga, though we would imagine that Studio BONES will have their hands full translating the wild battles that have taken place.

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