My Hero Academia Season 6 Shares Episode 5 Stills

My Hero Academia has been working through season six since the fall began, and of course, a ton has happened in it already. As the war between heroes and villains grows so to do the stakes. With one major death under its belt, season six has barely scratched the surface with audiences, and episode five will prove as much when it goes live this weekend.

After all, the first stills for episode five have gone live, and My Hero Academia wants to make it clear things are ready to go from bad to worse. So if you are not caught up with My Hero Academia this season, you will want to do so ASAP.

What Do the Stills Tell Us?

As you can see below, a slew of stills have gone live, and episode five looks like it will hurt. After all, we see Shigaraki in one shot, and his distorted smile is the definition of unease. It seems he is joined by Aizawa in the lab, and whatever happens between Shigaraki and the pros cannot be good.

Of course, the next set of stills focuses on Dabi and Hawks as the latter takes a ton of damage. In one shot, Tokoyami is seen holding his mentor, and Hawks appears to have lost his wings. It seems Dabi made good on his threats against Hawks, and their fight still isn't over. None of the heroes know what's coming, but Shigaraki could do just about anything.

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After all, in the final shots here, fans see the city decaying partially, and it has to be because of Shigaraki. All of Class 1-A looks horrified, and of course, Izuku's expression is entirely tense. Despite an early lead, it seems the villains are ready to pull ahead of the heroes, and it is going to hurt when they take first place.

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