My Hero Academia Theory Suggests Why Shigaraki Is Actually Quirkless

My Hero Academia has bred a number of fan-theories in its day, and it seems more crop up by the day. Of course, the fandom can hardly be blamed given how many of those theories have come true. From Dabi to Aizawa, a number of heroes have seen theories about them come true, and the same goes for its baddies. And now, fans are keeping a close eye on one Shigaraki theory that suggests the villain is actually quirkless.

The theory has been around for some time with some fans even drawing back arguments to season one. Some believe Shigaraki's matching shoes with Izuku prove the point as many believe quirkless people need special sneakers to accommodate their extra toe joint. Others simply think Shigaraki's quirk is too extreme to have simply manifested, but there is no denying the man has one now. But so far as this theory is concerned, there are a few tentpoles holding up its weight.

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His Age and Body

The first issue comes down to Shigaraki's age and how old he was when Decay made its debut. The boy was confirmed quirkless up until the age of five, and that is a bit unusual. Izuku was diagnosed as quirkless at similar age if not a tad older. The lore of My Hero Academia has made it clear most people develop their powers by the time they're four. But for Shigaraki, well – that was not the case. It is also worth nothing that Shigaraki's mother was worried about a persistent itch he developed just before Decay manifested. This almost allergic reaction could have been caused by the quirk's imminent debut... or because an incompatible quirk was thrust upon him.

The Mystery Man

And who might thrust the quirk upon him. Well, in chapter 235, the manga makes a point to follow Shigaraki as the boy is returned to his mother after running away from home. The man who found Shigaraki was kept shadowed, but his outfit and hat are easy to make out. This person appears to show up in a later chapter during Dabi's backstory, and they are none other than One For All. The matching looks and mysterious man have convinced many One For All interacted with Shigaraki before Decay manifested. So if he gave the boy a quirk, well – he had the opportunity to do so.

Quirkless AFO and OFA

Some fans might wonder why All For One would give Shigaraki a quirk, and it all comes down to two arguments. For one, the villain wants nothing more than to break All Might, and his corruption of Shigaraki would only aid in that goal. All Might's ties to the boy's grandma are incredibly tight, so Shigaraki joining All For One would hurt the Symbol of Peace.

And secondly, we have the quirkless theory to consider. All For One did considerable research on quirks with Dr. Garaki, and they knew no normal body could host multiple quirks. They could only home something like All For One or One For All if they were born with it... or if they were quirkless. Izuku is able to wield All Might's power because he was not born with a power. And if this theory is spot on, All For One selected Shigaraki to succeed him because the boy was similarly powerless.

What do you make of this popular fan theory? Do you believe something is off with Shigaraki's power? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.