My Hero Academia Reveals Close-Up of Shigaraki's Latest Design

My Hero Academia is working its way through its final act, and the manga has plenty to do before Izuku meets his goal of being the world's greatest hero. He has to deal with Shigaraki right now, and as you can imagine, the villain is stronger right now than ever before. He's even got a new uniform to celebrate the manga's final act, and a new sketch is showing off the look up close.

The artwork comes courtesy of volume 34 as My Hero Academia welcomed the release in Japan recently. It was their creator Kohei Horikoshi revealed a close look at Shigaraki's new design, and honestly? It is a little ill-fitting for the deranged villain.

As you can see above, the design lets Shigaraki's long hair loose, and his eyes are cracked with shadows as usual. However, his dress is different here. The boy is shown wearing a suit much like the one All For One is known for wearing, but Shigaraki's outfit does not fit well. The suit jacket is too short in the sleeves, and the top half of the outfit is covered by a scarf of sorts.

In fact, the scarf is giving off serious Eraserhead vibes, and that does track given Shigaraki's interest in the underground hero. However, according to Horikoshi, the scarf means little to the villain. It was simply something he found on the battlefield, and he's made it part of his costume. The accessory definitely gives Shigaraki's outfit personal flair, and given his tension with All For One right now, the man might be trying to set himself apart from All Might's nemesis.

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Clearly, Horikoshi has more to explore with this outfit, but these designs are the least of his concerns. The manga is leafing through its final act these days, so Izuku has never been busier. Once he makes his way to Shigaraki, the men can compare suits one on one. But for now, well – fans aren't loving the way All For One is controlling Shigaraki has grown worse since his break from Tartarus. 

What do you think about Shigaraki's latest look? Do you believe My Hero Academia has another look in store for the villain? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.