My Hero Academia Trends on Social Media Following Alleged Manga Leak

The Paranormal Liberation War is heating up in the pages of My Hero Academia and it seems that a possible spoiler has had the series trending online thanks to what might be sealing the fate of one of the characters of Class 1-A. With the manga currently showing Shigaraki's right hand man in Gigantomachia crashing his way through the landscape, it's up to the most popular students of UA Academy to attempt to bring down the larger than life villain, and with the latest story arc delivering casualties to both heroes and villains alike, it seems that no one is safe.

Warning! If you don't want the future of the Paranormal Liberation War potentially spoiled for you in the pages of My Hero Academia's manga, you might want to steer clear of the rest of this article!

The spoiler in question seems to revolve around Mina Ashido, aka Alien Queen's, attempt to bring down Gigantomachia using the canisters of tranquilizer that were created thanks to the Quirk of Momo. With Alien Queen unleashing one of her trademark ultimate attacks, enveloping herself in acid to help both her offensive and defensive capabilities, it seems as if this might not be enough to make her plan a success, causing Red Riot to step into frame to save her. Whether or not this means that Kirishima will be the latest victim of the Paranormal Liberation War is up in the air, though his chances of surviving are definitely lower than they were before!

Twitter User KeigoWing shared these apparently leaked panels from the upcoming chapter of My Hero Academia, showing Red Riot pushing his long time friend and ally, Mina Ashido, out of the way of one of Gigantomachia's attacks and saving her life in the process:


Red Riot stood out among his fellow students of Class 1-A in the latest season of the anime, assisting his teacher Fat Gum in dealing a heavy blow to the forces of Overhaul's band of super criminals. With Kirishima finding his place as one of the strongest defensive heroes of UA Academy, it would be heartbreaking to see him fall in the line of battle during this latest arc.

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