My Hero Academia Lets Momo Shine in Fight Against Gigantomachia

My Hero Academia fans have a thing for Momo, and it comes as no surprise. The kind hero-in-training is smart as she is dangerous, and her sense of justice is hard to beat. As one of the top performers in Class 1-A, fans expect a lot from the girl, and the most recent chapter of My Hero Academia just made good on its promise to bolster the heroine.

If you have checked in on the manga, then you will know that Class 1 has found itself in a bad spot. The two classes took part in the Pro Hero Raid against the villains, but things took a turn when Shigaraki showed up. The baddies are now raging thanks to some help from Gigantomachia, but Momo showed up to challenge the baddie with his brain.

After being given orders from Midnight, the hero got to work. Not only did she create a ton of sedative from her body, but she made enough to pass to the entirety of Class A and B. This means she has to be tired from creating so much, but that did not stop her from making one impressive strategy with contingency plans.

My Hero Academia Momo Yaoyorozu
(Photo: TOHO Animation)

Not only did Momo send the perfect students to scout ahead for Gigantomachia, but she had Mineta lay a trap to stop the massive baddie using his sticky hair-balls. The rest of the heroes were instructed to strike after Gigantomachia was stuck, and Momo helped coordinate a new plan when it was revealed the villain was carrying the League of Villains on his back. By the end of the chapter, fans were impressed by Momo as she pulled out yet another back-up plan that worked with Mt. Lady's surprise intervention.

Clearly, Midnight was right in trusting the heroine, and My Hero Academia fans are excited to see where Momo goes from here. Class 1 might not be free from this brewing war yet, but heroes like Creati give the Pro Heroes hope they will win.


Do you think Class 1-A will be able to pull off this plan? Or will Gigantomachia slip past the students? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!