My Hero Academia Creator Honors Mt Lady with Stunning Sketch

My Hero Academia's current arc has been a brutal war between the heroes and villains, and without [...]

My Hero Academia's current arc has been a brutal war between the heroes and villains, and without giving too much away for fans who are not completely up to date, this war has been shining the light on pro heroes who have not been at the center of the action yet. This is especially true for many of the fan favorite pro heroines in the series fans have been wanting to see more from such as Mirko (who Kohei Horikoshi also honored through several sketches recently), Midnight, and as most recently by the newest chapter of the series, Mt. Lady.

Mt. Lady has been one of the pro heroes we have sporadically seen getting into the action over the course of the series (she was one of the very first pro heroes we meet in the series, after all), but the latest couple of chapters have shown just how truly crucial she is in the field when the other heroes are in motion. To honor this latest burst of action from the heroine, series creator Kohei Horikoshi honored Mt. Lady with a stunning tribute sketch.

Taking to Twitter to share the most recent sketch with fans, Horikoshi hilariously tweet "Big Mt. Lady" along with a great new sketch of Mt. Lady towering over what seems to be Shoto Todoroki as she teases him by squeezing him a big between her gigantic fingers. As the newest chapters see her use the most out of her size lately, this is definitely going to be a much different take than we'll see in the official series! You can check out the Mt. Lady sketch for yourself below:

Mt. Lady will be one of the many heroes that will make their return to the anime when My Hero Academia comes back for its fifth season. A release date for this season is not yet set as of this writing, but recent updates have confirmed that the staff behind the anime is already hard at work at bringing it our way!

What do you think of Kohei Horikoshi's latest take on Mt. Lady? How are you liking her chances in the current war between heroes and villains in My Hero Academia? Are you happy to see this heroine getting more time in the manga at last? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!