My Hero Academia Stuns with Deadly Batman Easter Egg

My Hero Academia's big Vigilantes spin-off ended its previous chapter with a major cliffhanger [...]

My Hero Academia's big Vigilantes spin-off ended its previous chapter with a major cliffhanger teasing the death of one of the main characters, and now the newest chapter of the series took that one step further with a surprise Easter Egg referencing one of the most well known deaths in Batman's DC Comics history. When we last saw Koichi, he had caught up to Kazuho in the hopes of stopping her explosive rampage but she had been surprisingly shot in the back by the villain Number 6. As it turns out this was all part of a grander scheme that would paint him as a hero by invoking a very famous moment from Jim Starlin and Jim Aparo's Batman: A Death in the Family.

Number 6 revealed that he had not shot Pop with a normal bullet because he intends to kill her in a much different fashion. Attempting to capitalize on the current hero worshipping nature of the My Hero Academia world in this prequel, Number 6 wants to debut as a new version of a classic speedster hero that he stole his power from and wanted to craft a "tragic" narrative to get fans to root for him instantly.

The real Easter Egg comes soon after as he imagines how his tale will go as he's seen carrying the fallen Pop Step in his arms in much the same way as Batman once did when he revealed that Jason Todd had been killed by the Joker towards the end of the Batman: A Death in the Family comic arc. But there's a good chance it wouldn't hit in the same way here as it does in the original. You can find a good comparison below from Viz Media's official translator behind the series, Caleb Cook:

A Death in the Family is one of the most famous moments in Batman comics because fans had voted for the franchise to kill off the second Robin, Jason Todd. Although Jason Todd comes back to life years later and is a much different character than before his death, this moment is still infamous! Cross your fingers that the same doesn't happen to Kazuho!

Did you catch this major Batman Easter Egg in the newest My Hero Academia: Vigilantes chapter? Did you expect to see this twist in Number 6's plan? How do you think the rest of the fight with this villain will go? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!