My Hero Academia Explains How Criminals are Labeled as Villains

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes is now in the crux of its final arc and this has already tested the [...]

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes is now in the crux of its final arc and this has already tested the relationship between Koichi and Kazuho as the two of them think back on their time as The Crawler and Pop Step vigilante duo. But a wrench was thrown into things when Kazuho was suddenly kidnapped and found herself at the mercy of the villain Number 6. After a frightening cliffhanger, Pop Step reappeared on the scene with a completely new makeover and seemingly possessed by the also returning Queen Bee. Then the worst was confirmed.

After the latest chapter of the series saw the Queen Bee possessed Pop Step unleash her evil side on Naruhata, she had caused a ton of damage. Not only did this cause a huge rift between Kazuho and Koichi (as Koichi couldn't immediately realize that Kazuho was being possessed by the Queen Bee insect), but this also marked Kazuho as a villain. There was also an explanation as to how criminals are branded as such.

Chapter 74 of the series sees a news report talking about the situation as they realize that Pop Step is the one who was blasting her music on the speakers while controlling the explosions that destroyed Naruhata. With corroborating reports from those in the neighborhood who identified her, the authorities revealed that she is now a villain.

It's explained that the Villain Designation and Registry is typically reserved for repeat offenders of quirk based crimes, but Pop Step is a rare occasion given her age and the fact that it's her first offense. It's because it was such a large scale attack that she's been labeled a villain right away, and now this key piece of the My Hero Academia world is put in place. The original series always throws out words like "heroes" and "villains" with a operating police force also in the works, but now it's been cleared up just how a criminal can cross that line with a line of quirk based crimes ranging in severity.

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