My Hero Academia Shows How Iida's Older Brother Earned His Pro Reputation

Iida's brother hasn't had a big role to play in the main series of My Hero Academia following a [...]

Iida's brother hasn't had a big role to play in the main series of My Hero Academia following a devastating injury inflicted upon him by the villain Stain in the anime's second season, but the professional hero has had the opportunity to return in the latest arc of Vigilantes. With Ingenium giving readers a shot to see him in action long before he was crippled by the "hero killer", we are able to witness for ourselves how he was able to gain his sterling reputation in a world where every citizen has powers of their own.

Warning. If you have yet to read the latest chapter of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, Chapter 97, you might want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll be diving into serious spoiler territory.

Currently, in Vigilantes, both the professional heroes and authorities have decided that is enough is enough when it comes to the heroes that operate outside of the law. With Crawler, the protagonist of the spin-off being at the top of the list for vigilantes that must be taken down, Ingenium jumps to the fray but doesn't immediately take down the young hero. Rather, he runs in step with Crawler's amazing powers, attempting to talk down the crime fighter before he makes his situation even worse.

My Hero Academia VIgilantes
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On top of his skills with his fast-moving Quirk, it's clear that Tensei Iida has been working with his power set for quite some time, as he moves at top speeds while simultaneously coordinating a group of heroes that are also trying to bring Crawler down. Though they ultimately aren't successful, Tensei proves that this is but one of the plans that they have set up to take down the vigilante, as we see play out in the rest of the chapter.

From this latest installment of Vigilantes, we see how the younger Iida has some big shoes to fill in continuing the family name following Tensei's crippling at the hands of Stain, especially with the chapters following the main series' War Arc hinting that the Hero Killer is about to make his grand return to the series proper.

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