My Hero Academia Reveals Crawler's New Quirk Upgrades

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes has been entrenched in the climax of its final arc as Koichi trained up his skills as The Crawler in order to save Kazuho from destroying their town, and the newest chapter of the series revealed the fruit of those efforts by revealing a series of upgrades in power to his quirk. As we have learned in the main series, training one's quirk can strength in much like it would be training any muscle. It's been the same with Koichi Haimawari's Slide and Glide quirk as he's gotten better with it through his time as The Crawler.

Following Kazuho's first Queen Bee possessed rampage, Koichi trained ever harder so that he could keep up with her and take her down. It seemed like it was just training for his Shooty-Go-Blam super move at first, but as of Chapter 81 it was revealed that his movement speed, agility, and propulsion power all have been upgraded. Not only that, but he's broken through his limits and has unlocked new uses for the Slide and Glide.

In chasing Kazuho up into the air, Koichi already revealed a new use of his quirk as he used it in short bursts to climb his way upward through the air. But after seeing Kauzho shot through the chest at the end of the previous chapter, Koichi begins Chapter 82 with a powerful burst downward through the sky. He essentially flies downward through the sky fast enough to catch her before she hits the ground, and he's still able to skid to a stop without harming her further.

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(Photo: Shueisha)

When Number Six reveals himself to Koichi officially later in the chapter and starts giving chase, Koichi picks up speed by modifying his Slide and Glide force fields further. Three smaller forces extend outward of his feet and it gives him an "Extra Oomph" as he calls it. This gets him fast enough to speed beyond Six's speedster power, but it seems like it only lasts for a moment. It's like he hit a nitrous oxide boost to his quirk. Though if this can remain permanent from here on out, The Crawler's going to be one tough vigilante.


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