My Hero Academia Sees Crawler Train Up for Pop Step Rescue Mission

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes has put Pop Step in danger, and now The Crawler is doing the best he [...]

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes has put Pop Step in danger, and now The Crawler is doing the best he can to train and save her in a deadly rescue mission! The spin-off has been reaching a fever point as Koichi Haimawari and Kazuho Haneyama (otherwise known by their vigilante names of The Crawler and Pop Step, respectively) both have been coming to terms with their potential romantic feelings for one another. As Koichi prepared to retire from his vigilante hero work, these plans were interrupted by Kazuho was kidnapped by Number 6 and is now a villainous puppet.

Sort of sensing this might happen, Koichi's former mentor Knuckle Duster previously enlisted the help of former foes like Soga Kugizaki to help him train. Now with a place to train and a method to make his quirk stronger, Koichi is getting himself ready to take on the new and deadlier version of Pop Step.

Koichi's been testing the limits of the speed and power of his quirk, but he is having trouble putting the final touches on Shooty Go-Kablam, the more powerful version of his special move. Because he's always subconsciously avoided using it to hurt people, he now has to focus on dealing on powering up his martial arts skills and speed as it will all come down to a chase between the two.

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Crawler Training Pop Step Rescue Mission
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Koichi was unable to keep up with Pop Step before as Queen Bee is using Pop's quirk along with her already troubling explosive abilities. Though Koichi is still unaware of how terrible of a situation Kazuho finds herself in at the moment, he does want to do his best to save her from what she's going through.

Although he doesn't know the extent of what she's going through, Koichi has picked up that something is definitely wrong with her. He feels like all it would take to fix things between the two of them is a talk, but the way Kazuho is now it will be trouble. Koichi is running into something that he isn't totally ready for, but at least he'll be physically capable of keeping up after all of this training!

How do you think the final confrontation between Koichi and Kazuho will go? Will the fight between The Crawler and Pop Step end badly? Will he be able to clear her of her villainous title? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!