My Hero Academia's Teenage Mirko Enters The Ring

My Hero Academia's side story, Vigilantes, continues to not only give us the side stories of crime fighters like Crawler, but also takes us to the past of the heroes we've come to know via the adventures of UA Academy, with the latest chapter focusing on the exploits of a teenage Mirko, the high kicking rabbit hero of the main series. With Mirko making an impression on fans recently with her attempt to take down Shigaraki and his High End Nomu in the latest War Arc of the franchise, it seems that Mirko has had a hand in fighting for quite some time.

In the latest story arc of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, both the teenage selves of Mirko and Fat Gum have made their presence known, with the rabbit hero taking a decidedly more "in your face" approach to the proceedings. Jumping into the middle of the underground ring, Mirko donned the moniker of "Tiger Bunny" along with a mask to protect her identity while bouncing around a steel cage and delivering round house kicks to her opponents. In the middle of a battle royale, something terrible and unexpected happened as Mirko finds herself attempting to not only avoid her opponents' attacks, but a barrage of a mysterious gas that is affecting all the participants.

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Mirko Ring
(Photo: Viz Media)

The gas, which seems to be employed by the Underground Masquerade who are responsible for the underground fighting tournament and comes in a variety of flavors, goes so far as to take Quirks, boost them, as well as suppress the powers of those who inhale it. Luckily for Mirko, she's saved from the gas thanks in part to Knuckleduster, one of the stars of the Vigilantes series, who at this time is going by the moniker of O'Clock, the high speed hero. Joined by Rappa, the future member of Overhaul's gang who loves nothing more than to fight, the three are hoping to escape and make contact with the police to straighten things out!

Vigilantes has yet to be confirmed for an anime adaptation of its own like the main Kohei Horikoshi created series, but based on the popularity of the adventures of Midoriya and friends, we definitely wouldn't be surprised to see it happen at some point in the future!

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